New Kush is artist organisation aim to create space for art and connect artist. the name of Kush comes from the old civilisation of Kush that exist thousands of years back on the banks of the River Nile in north-east of Africa. The reason for choosing the name of Kush is to create artistic thoughts that relate to cultural background. 

 Some of the most known leaders of Kush was Terhaqa who built a 16 meters high temple for the Deity Amoon inside the mountain of Al-Barkal. This   temple is registered by the United Nations for Education, Science and culture Organisation (UNESCO) on world Human Heritage Record. New Kush  was founded as a path that is  searching for unified artistic mind in all forms of existence. That search which is not limited to beauty aesthetic bud the meaning and the joyful moments that beauty can create in peoples minds. The existence of the name and stamp of Kush (the old and forgotten heritage of art) can also be seen in the sculptures of Kush in many international museums and institutes around the world today.

  Kush was the historical taste and flavor, an ancient color increasing the interest of studying the evolution of gods and believes in its earlier attractions to the human mind and history. However its in the land of Kush where the first unified spiritual methodology was created and established. Al-Barkal is regarded as a border region of an ancient historical town called Nebta, but it is important for its religious and strategic significance. It is a shrine and royal crowning place . It is chateaus and sacred mountain, which was a position for romantic campaign in the 24th before Christ. It is a history of an entire civilisation, with sculptures, engraving and obelisk of victory. Around Al-Barkal, excavation missions found out that there are seven temples, two castles and 25 small burial pyramids. The Sub-temple, the temple of Hatour/Nagaa, the temple of Lion/Nagaa and temple of death are located 400klm north of Khartoum. N.K.A.N is meant to be a new face of ancient old Kush. Its founded and registered in Sweden as N.K.A.N a cultural organisation for arts and design that it aim is exploding the meaning of ancient cultures and civilisations. Its also new directions in the contemporary design thats aware of the global change and proletarian need. N.K.A.N aim at stimulating new consciousness through art and artists from all around the global.