This project is attempt to create art work that questioning subject ( to which extend could a product thats human made) can be contributing to the health of  nature. How can  we produce with out harming or ingage in harmful production. A production that is aware of its historical responsibilities. 

The garden is a concept from different memories, historical periods and mythological appearances. The context of the garden with all attendances of the different fragrance include a magical voices. Its here the context of a livable world. with all the necessary details of mango leaves,  coffee flavor, smell of cocoa and palm trees. Those crowds of abstraction that flout understanding without border. In the garden the voices coming from a bunch of different sources . They employ the body of nature with all the mythologic memories.  










The project started in January 2016 in my atelier space located in Huddinge, Stockholm. Every day on box with 6 sides have been completed and field with drawing. The drawings is concept from motives, history, mythology and memories.

Its mixed media in the sense that its mixing between text, drawing and form.  










The Art Farm  is a project started in a town called Nyala located in South Darfur, Sudan. The idea started in 2011 when i visited the town. In the last 13 years war have changed the landscape of the town. The people here have difficulties to understand how everything changed dramatically. The town changed to a very violence place. It become weapon market instead of green gardens and vallies. War have made it possible to defeat the peaceful attendance of art in people life. The farm was located in the north part of the town. I start to farm art in children mind by offering the space and the material to them. The idea is to make it possible, for those who could attend, to forget the ugly fact of genocide that the aria has experienced. But also to reflect how the yang people look at the fact of impossible life and the dramatical changes the war left in their minds. The project of the Art Farm aimed at stimulating the pace culture in people mind. The farm is open today to everyone who think he, she or heshe  can explain their ideas of peace through art. 

  The art farm project is an idea to farm art in people life. The project is started in Sudan, South Darfur, Nyala and the aim is to develop artistic project that can help on creating peace for the people of Darfur.





            WAVES OF LIFE



 Waves of Life : Is a concept corresponding to difficulties of migration through the Ocean. Its reflect contemporary political scan around the question of migration. Crossing the border of waves to peaceful life has become a political question in many countries around the world in our time. 









Waves of life 



 The installation contain 2 movies with the duration of 6 minutes. One of the movies are boat sailing with no aim in the ocean and the second is animation of 7 masks. The concept is read through the contemporary political map of migration. The question of borders that experiencing new challenges internationally. Another thought around the title is video art installation contain 7 different african masks animated in movement similar to waves.

Dimension : HD.


Duration : 6 minuets. 










                                                                        Waves of life video installation

                     FRIENDLY MOMENT

  Friendly Moment is art work that combining the context of multiple options. Its design created to adapt calm surrounding environment. The idea of the design is to engage the viewers to interact with the work by using it as place to sit and relax. The work includes cement and metal and construction materials. Its designed in accordance with the human dimension to adapt highest possibilities of joyful moment. This work explore the use of form and space to create art in public space that also contain designed opportunities for other use like sitting. The aesthetic propose was combined with the practical in this work that mixes between aesthetically use and practical experience. Its an invitation to explore the combination of sculpture and design.

 Friendly Moment is search of form through natural sources of design. Its take the shape of animal as concept and orient it to different angles.









                                 Brain wash