My practices is in the trilogy of time (past, present and future) and its implications in which synthetic structure of the modern world in all its complexity of political, social, cultural and environmental. With a particular focus of modern social structure and their interaction with the environment. I investigate topics such as productions as essential approaches for the continuity and existence of modern societies structures. Interpreting this as inevitable sources for creation with visions correspond with my dreams and aspirations of the world. As time factors move under the rhythms of change, I involve with different contexts and strategies in line with these changes. I choose methods that is focusing on the philosophical understanding to the possibility of life and living systems according to multiple options under the solutions of creativities.

 Contextualizing the complexities of the Anthroprocene age into artistic practices is an attempt to awaken the absence of ecological knowledge. And farther to strengthen the relationship between the environment as inherited and contemporary  urban societies. In an effort to consistently Impressively attention to contemporary problems sprawling along the documented history of humanity and its impact in the construction of modern societies.

 Searching in the history trilogy is an attempt to connect the historical different  circles in different historical periods. Where the production and the re-creation of nature becomes the complexities of the current Anthropocene age in which we live. Trying to create a modern controversy acknowledges the absence of environmental awareness among many modern societies. Aiming to create solutions through the visual language of narrative or seeking framing, in abstracted way, this modren complexities of living systems. On the other hand reminding of the need to adapt new approaches and invent new creative ways for the continuity of human civilization and safer earth.

 As the trilogy of history with with my invented dialectic of past present and future is resulting in accumulation of environmental changes thats has leaded to migration for example or brotal displacement. I analyze visually this migration and its influential in the modren social structure culturally, economically, politically, environmentally and integration. My practices is seeking to form renewable historical identity that is re-formulated in a artistic templates to interact with new knowledge from the historical accumulations.

 In additional I interpret the complexes of the Anthropocene age and investigate topics such as migration and its relation to the formation of modren identity. In an attempt to visualize a world that evolve in its cultural diversification, despite the created rolls, that is mapping the political qualification but the matter of life and the continuities of creativity that aiming to search in all forms of possibilities.